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Vendor Registration Form

Vendor Registration Form

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The Vendor Registration Form is a 6 page document, with instructions on tailoring the document and a document revision record. The document then sets out the Vendor Registration Form. The form provides sections for a company to fill in their details, business information, capabilities and expertise, additional information, conflict of interest and bank account information. The document then provides an applicant declaration and approval section. The form is customisable and each heading provides instructions and details for editing.  

This Vendor Registration Form is used to obtain basic information from potential suppliers so they can be included in your supplier database or prior to engaging them formally with a contract or purchase order.  This information can be requested at any time from a supplier to build your database of potential suppliers and to reduce time at contract award by using this information to set them up in your systems (i.e. SAP, invoicing, contract management system etc.)

Promitheia recommends making this template available to your C&P and Accounting functions.  Representatives from either function may issue this form to prospective suppliers.  Typically, Accounting will request this information once they have been notified from C&P that your organisation intends to engage them formally (i.e. prior to issuing a purchase order or signing a Contract).

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