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Request for Quotation Template

Request for Quotation Template

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The Request for Quotation is a 4 page document, with instructions on tailoring the document and a document revision record. The document sets out a Request for Quotation template, setting out instructions to suppliers. The template provides headings and space for a company to fill in their information. The heading description of requirement is included, which provides instruction on what should be detailed. The template also provides a description of goods table to be filled out.   

This Request for Quotation can be used to obtain pricing information from any supplier for simple sourcing requirements – i.e. straightforward procurement of goods and/or services.  This form contains two options (one for goods and one for services) which can be modified as required to suit your needs.  Send this form to potential suppliers with as much necessary information as possible and request a response time for their completed quotation. Depending on the level of sourcing, a purchase order can be awarded if the quote is acceptable. 

Promitheia recommends making this template available to your C&P function.  The Sourcing Representative, together the with Contract Owner, will be responsible for preparing this form and C&P will issue to the supplier.  Make sure when completing this form to insert the appropriate units of measure for the goods / services tables.

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