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Procurement Category Strategy Template

Procurement Category Strategy Template

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The Procurement Category Strategy Template is a 4 page document, with instructions on tailoring the document and a document revision record. The document then sets out the template for Procurement Category Strategy. The template provides space for a company to fill in  their details. The template includes headings such as category overview, reccommendation, stakeholders, spend analysis, market analysis, category risk, category positioning options, cost drivers and trends and approvals. Each heading has a description of what should be included.

Category Management is a structured approach to the procurement of goods and services. It applies best practice tools and techniques in the development and implementation of an integrated category strategy aligned to the organisation’s needs.

It applies a robust structured strategic sourcing process to the purchase of all goods and services and involves local stakeholders in the sourcing process of a group of items or services available from the same or a similar supplier base.

This Procurement Category Strategy Template is used to identify the category strategy steps and process for identifying the required information.

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