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Promitheia Procurement

Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

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The Procurement Policy is a 5 page document  with a description about the document, instructions on tailoring the document and a revision record. The document has 4 main headings and 10 sub headings.

The Procurement Policy sets out the general principles that shall govern the procurement of goods and services by or on behalf of a company and establishes a framework for decision-making with respect to such procurement.

A Procurement Policy sets out the principles for your organisation when conducting any procurement-related activity.  It sets a standard for your employees to act in the best interests of your organisation by conducting sourcing activities efficiently and to achieve the best value for money.  At the same time, it promotes fair and ethical conduct throughout all dealings with your suppliers and potential suppliers. 

This policy covers general conduct of employees, conflicts of interest and conduct in relation to gifts and hospitality.  This policy may be modified to suit your organisation as required, however, Promitheia has developed this policy to be suitable for any organisation.

Promitheia recommends displaying this Policy prominently in your organisation’s offices, electronically and distributing to new employees. 

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