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Promitheia Procurement

Procurement Card Policy and Procedure

Procurement Card Policy and Procedure

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The Procurement Card (P-Card) Procedure is a 6 page document, with a description about the document and instructions on tailoring the document. The document includes a revision record, document ownership and status. The document has 3 main headings and 22 sub headings, and provides definitions used in the document.  

This Procurement Card (P-Card) Procedure sets out the policies and procedures governing the use of procurement credit cards (P-Cards). 

P-Cards shall be used for all Low Value Sourcing requirements (refer to the Contracts & Procurement Procedure (XXX-CP-GOV-CPP-000), where possible. 

It is essential that the use of P-Cards is governed appropriately to ensure they are only used for their intended purpose. 

P-Cards shall not be used for employee expenses or personal expenses under any circumstance. 

This Procedure outlines the proper use, distribution and monitoring of P-Cards and shall be readily available to all employees and contractors.

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