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Promitheia Procurement

Procurement Board Submission Form

Procurement Board Submission Form

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The Procurement Board Submission Form  is a 5 page document with a description about the document and instructions on tailoring the document. The document provides a revision record and an intended purpose of a Procurement Board Submission Form.   

This Procurement Board Submission Form is intended as a summary or covering sheet to accompany all submissions to the Procurement Board.  For information regarding the remit of the Procurement Board, please refer to the Procurement Board Charter (XXX-CP-GOV-PCB-000).

This form is intended for internal use only and is used to provide key details to the Procurement Board.  This form does not require any approvals prior to submission to the Board.

Promitheia recommends making this form available to your organisation electronically.  In most cases, this form will be completed by the Sourcing Representative or Contract Owner.

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