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Procurement Board Charter

Procurement Board Charter

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The Procurement Board Charter is a 7 page document  with a description about the document and instructions on tailoring the document. The document also includes a revision record as well as main 6 headings. The document covers off the purpose of a Procurement Board, roles and responsibilities, meetings and agenda, submissions and attendance rules, reporting and evaluation of board activities and review of the charter.  

This Procurement Board Charter (PBC) sets out the roles and responsibilities of your organisation’s Procurement Board.  A Procurement Board consists of a selection of key executive management team members responsible for reviewing sourcing activities and procurement decisions. 

If your organisation already has a Procurement Board in place, this PBC sets out the parameters of their responsibilities and provides a structure and framework for submissions and meetings.

If your organisation does not have a Procurement Board in place, you can evaluate this PBC to identify those positions / personnel who should form the Procurement Board and implement a formal process for the review and approval of sourcing activities. 

For more information on the role of a Procurement Board and how it can benefit your organisation, you can contact Promitheia to arrange a one-on-one virtual meeting.

Promitheia recommends making this charter available to your internal organisation electronically and undertaking regular reviews and modifications as required.  Any modifications should be tracked and version controlled.

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