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Prequalification Questionnaire Template

Prequalification Questionnaire Template

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The Prequalification Questionnaire (PQQ) is a 13 page document, with instructions on tailoring the document and a document revision record. The template then sets out the Prequalification Questionnaire. The template starts off with a space for a company introduction, the template then provides a space for a company to provide instructions on submitting the prequalification response, confidentiality, company registration number and other personal details. The template then provides a space to record health, safety and environment information. Also quality controls and quality assurance, capability and experience, workforce, finance and insurance, business conduct and ethical standing, local content and referees. The template includes a high level of detail and instructions on what should be included under each heading. 


This Prequalification Questionnaire (PQQ) can be used to identify whether a potential supplier can meet your organisations minimum requirements to engage with in a contract or purchase order.  It is imperative that your minimum criteria are well defined and captured in this PQQ in order to illicit accurate information from the suppliers. Minimum acceptance criteria can include workforce capacity, safety performance, previous experience, cash flow, local content and technical expertise.

Once you receive responses to your PQQ, they will need to be evaluated by your organisation and you can then make a determination for including the respondents on a tender list or other sourcing exercise.

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