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Measuring C&P Savings

Measuring C&P Savings

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The FREE Measuring C&P Savings is a 7 page document with instructions for tailoring the document, a document revision record, a document ownership and status page. The document covers off on the importance of cost savings,  providing an introduction into what procurement cost savings are and how important they can be to a business. The document also details different types of cost savings and cost avoidance. The document is perfectly customisable for your organisation, with specific sections to insert your company logo and edit the document details.

About this Document

This Measuring C&P Savings document is used to establish the assorted metrics which can be used to capture savings. 

Promitheia recommends making this template available to your Head of C&P to work with appropriate members of the C&P function to determine and agree the final list of metrics to use to measure savings.  This document can then be updated and communicated to all members of C&P function to provide visibility to how savings are to be captured. 

Tailoring this Document

Text highlighted in yellow square brackets, i.e. [text] are input fields for you to complete or select from the options provided in order to be suitable to your specific requirements.  Where the square brackets contain [COMPANY], this is for you to replace with your organisation’s name. 

Instructions or helpful information on how to use the document have been provided in blue italics.  This text should be deleted prior to finalising the document for use.

Headings are linked to styles which can be customised to your Company colour palette.

This document contains the Promitheia reference number and logo in the footer.  You may delete or replace this information at your discretion.

References to other Promitheia documents include the title and document reference number and are indicated with underlined text, i.e. Contracts & Procurement Procedure (XXX-CP-GOV-CPP-000).

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