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KPI Reporting Template

KPI Reporting Template

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The KPI Reporting Template is in Excel template with three detailed tabs, that can be easily tailored to match a company’s requirements. This Contractor performance scorecard tool provides a high-level summary of Contractor performance across a number of key areas. The first tab is Instructions, which provides recommendations and specific details for tailoring the information. These recommendations also provide a table to score contractor's performance. The second tab is KPI’s, this section provides space for a company to add their supplier’s information, contract details and reporting period. The report covers off on topics such as safety, quality, environmental, delivery, cost and continuous improvement. These are measured against KPI’s, performance targets, measurements, purpose, scores and trends. The third tab is Historical contractors KIP tracking, which tracks the area and KPI over 12 months. The tab also provides a graph to track KPI performance to monitor and record progress. The template is completely customisable and can be tailored by using the online Promitheia advisors or by a company’s internal team.  

For more information, please feel free to reach out to any of our Promitheia Procurement consultants. 

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