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Invitation to Tender Letter

Invitation to Tender Letter

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The Invitation to Tender Letter is a 3 page document, with instructions on tailoring the document and a document revision record. The document then goes into an Invitation to Tender Letter, which can be tailored to any organisation. 

This Invitation to Tender Letter is formal correspondence inviting a supplier to participate in an Invitation to Tender (ITT).  It should introduce your company, your project (if required) and the requirements of your sourcing exercise, as well as general administrative information.  The ITT pack (instructions to tender and associated documents) will accompany this letter and provide the detailed information the suppliers need in order to prepare their bid.

Promitheia recommends making this template available to your C&P function.  The Sourcing Representative will be responsible for preparing this letter and issuing with the Invitation to Tender.

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