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Instructions to Tenderers Template

Instructions to Tenderers Template

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The Instructions to Tenderers is a 13 page document, with instructions on tailoring the document and a document revision record. The contents page has 5 main headings and 15 sub headings. The document starts off by providing a section for a company to insert company information. The document then gives general tender information, definitions, ITT document and contract documents, tender procedure and tender submission. The document then provides appendix one which is form of acknowledgement and appendix two which is form for tender. This document provides a high level of detail that is customisable for any organisation. 

These Instructions to Tenderers provide Tenderers with all the relevant information for submitting a Tender to your organisation. They are an essential part of the ITT package and should contain a sufficient level of detail for Tenderers to prepare their submission in accordance with your organisation’s specific requirements. 

Accompanying these instructions will be the Invitation to Tender Letter (XXX-CP-SOU-ITTL-000), your questionnaires (refer to Section 3 of these instructions), contract documents, clarification form and exceptions registers (and any other relevant documentation you wish to include).

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