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Guideline on How to Draft a Scope of Work

Guideline on How to Draft a Scope of Work

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The Guideline on How to Draft a Scope of Work is a 6 page document with instructions for tailoring the document, a document revision record, a document ownership and status page. The document provides a description of Scope of Work. The document also includes 15 headings which are, background of requirement, introduction to requirement, detailed scope of work, company scope of work, deliverables expected, applicable drawings, applicable standards, quality requirements, location information, location information, packaging and shipping requirement, mobilisation/ demobilisation, personnel requirements, reporting requirements, requirements for meetings and travel, accommodation & expenses provisions.

About this Document

This Guideline on How to Draft a Scope of Work (the Guideline) sets out the fundamental steps to follow when drafting scopes of work at your organisation. 


Complete sections as relevant to the business requirement including the addition or removal of any sections as you see appropriate.

It is essential to follow this guideline and ensure it is readily available to your internal organisation for persons who are accountable for writing scopes of work to procure goods and or services.  For more information and recommendations on implementing the Guideline, you can contact Promitheia to arrange a one-on-one virtual meeting.

Check out the link below to watch a video where Jody Rowe goes through the  Guideline on How to Draft a Scope of Work Document. The video provides a useful insight into what the document looks like and what it includes.

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