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Delegation of Authority Form

Delegation of Authority Form

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The Delegation of Authority Form is a 5 page document, with instructions on tailoring the document, a document revision record and a description of the purpose of  Delegation of Authority. The document then sets out a delegation of authority form, which is customisable for any organisation.  

This Delegation of Authority Form is an internal document used to delegate all or part of one person’s authority to another person within the same organisation.  As a general rule, authority should only be delegated in accordance with your organisation’s relevant delegation of authority policy or rules.  If your organisation does not have a written delegation policy in place, you can still use this form as a formal request and record of delegations which will be treated on a case by case basis.  As a general rule, it is suggested that authority should not be delegated to another person whose position is more than one level below the delegator on your organisation chart.

Two options have been provided in this form: (1) full authority delegation; or (2) partial delegation of authority.  Depending on the circumstances, users can select either option and delete the irrelevant text as necessary.

This form can be used across all functions in your organisation and adequate records should be kept at all times.  Promitheia recommends making this form electronically available to your organisation.

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