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Contracts and Procurement Team Induction

Contracts and Procurement Team Induction

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The C&P Department Induction is a PowerPoint document which includes 9 slides, a document description and instructions on tailoring the document. The document is all about C&P and the role it plays in an organisation. People being inducted into a company need to know what a company is all about and what procedures need to be followed. Each slide provides instructions and recommendations for a company to follow when editing the document to suit their company. The nine slides cover off on the role of contracts & procurement, C&P team, roles and responsibilities, procurement procedure overview and overview of C&P document library. The document then provides a page for questions to be asked which is crucial in ensuring everyone understands the content of the document.

About this Document

This Contracts and Procurement Department Induction (the Induction) sets out the recommended approach to summarising the C&P department to new members of the team.

Suggested narrative for each slide is provided in Notes on each slide.
Some slides contain animation.  Prompts to ‘build’ are included within the notes.

Tailoring this Document

Instructions or helpful information on how to use this document have been provided in blue italics.  This text should be deleted prior to finalising the document for use.
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