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Contracts and Procurement Essentials

Contracts and Procurement Essentials

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The Contracts & Procurement Essentials (C&P Essentials) is a 6 page document, with instructions on tailoring the document and a document revision record. The document states the purpose of a Contracts & Procurement Essentials and provides a table with 3 headings, C&P procedure reference, essential and description. The table is to be a reference guide for all staff and useful prior to commencing a sourcing activity or when engaging the C&P Function.

The Contracts & Procurement Essentials (C&P Essentials) are “the basics” that form the foundation of the C&P Procedure (XXX-CP-GOV-CPP-000).  This document can be consulted at any time by employees that have a sourcing requirement or by your C&P organisation as a reminder of the key principles.

Promitheia recommends distributing this document to your Contracts & Procurement organisation and to relevant functions that may need to engage with C&P regularly. 

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