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Contractor Performance Management (CPM) Guideline

Contractor Performance Management (CPM) Guideline

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The Contractor Performance Management Guidelines template is an 8-page document with an about this document section and instructions for tailoring. The Contractor Performance Management Guidelines template can be implemented to ensure companies apply robust performance-based contract management to their supply networks. The template provides sections for a company to add their details and logo. The template provides a document revision record, allowing accurate versions to be kept up to date and tracked. The template also provides a document ownership status. The template’s table of contents includes 3 main headings and 7 subheadings. Key terms are explained and an introduction into Contract Performance Management is provided. The document then goes into the pre award process, including development of SOW, defining key objectives to be achieved through the delivery of contract and developing KPI indicators. Lastly the template covers off on the post award process. This process looks at the contract management plan, regular contract management meetings and KPI measurement management. The template is completely customisable and can be edited to suit any companies’ requirement, either using the Promitheia online advisors or your company’s internal team.

This Contractor Performance Management (CPM) Guideline ensures [COMPANY] applies robust performance-based contract management to its supply network in order to achieve best value for money when investing in goods and / or services supply to the organisation.

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