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Contract Management Plan - Capital Projects

Contract Management Plan - Capital Projects

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The Contract Management Plan Capital Projects Document includes 14 pages, with instructions, a document revision Synonyms for "details"record, document ownership and document status. The document has 19 headings which cover off on terms, contract details, pricing, implementation, risk, stakeholder and performance management, dispute resolutions, default or insolvency, payment, extensions, progress claims/certificates, contract finalisation and more.   

The purpose of the Contract Management Plan Capital Projects is to document the key activities and tasks required to manage this contract to ensure the objectives of the contract are achieved.

The plan describes how the agency and the supplier will work together over the life of the contract to ensure timely delivery of goods and services meeting the requirements specified in the contract.

This plan will be used by [COMPANY] to review the performance of the contract and monitor the achievement of the contract outcomes.

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