Contract Management Meeting Agenda provides a typical agenda for contract management (post award) of contracts entered into.
Sample page of the Contract Management Meeting Agenda template

Contract Management Meeting Agenda


The Contract Management Meeting Agenda is a 2 page document which includes instructions, a contract management meeting agenda which includes a contract management procedure and a list of agenda items.  

This Contract Management Meeting Agenda provides a typical agenda for Contract management (post award) for the contracts entered into and the contractors. 

This procedure applies to all contractors that have been engaged as per the C&P Procedure and are providing goods or services to [COMPANY], regardless of the contract scope, duration or financial value. The methodology of managing each contract will depend on the strategic importance of that contract, its likely value and the risks associated with the goods and services.

This procedure is written to ensure the C&P Representative, Users and support functions cover all of their responsibilities in the Post Contract Award Management process.

In addition to this Contractor Management Procedure, [COMPANY]’s personnel are required to comply with C&P Procedure.