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C&P Department Skills Matrix

C&P Department Skills Matrix

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The C&P Department Skills Matrix is an Excel document, with 7 tabs. The 7 tabs include an introduction, skills definitions, C&P skill levels, skill levels CP graduate or C&P advisor, skill levels contracts engineer, skill level principal and skill level CPO head. 


This Skills Matrix outlines the skills specific to the C&P department. They should be considered alongside the Company-wide skills when planning career and skills development.

This document firstly defines each of the skills. It then goes on to describe the requirements for each skill level (Awareness, Developing, Proficient and Advanced). Suggested skills for 4 main role grades are provided.

Note: this document is intended to provide guidance only and should be updated based on Company skills, competence and resourcing requirements.


1. Review the tab titled 'Skills Definitions' to understand the description of each of the following 7 key C&P skills:
* Category Planning
* Understand Business Needs
* Market Intelligence
* Strategic Thinking
* Market Engagement
* Sourcing (evaluate, negotiate & award)
* Post-Award Contract Management
* Procedures, Processes and Systems

2. Refer to the tab titled 'C&P Skills Levels' to understand the requirements for each level of the skill:
* Awareness
* Developing
* Proficient
* Advanced
See table below for description of each of these skill levels.

3'Subseqent tabs identify the level of skill required based on the following 4 main role grades:
* C&P Graduate / C&P Advisor
* Contracts Engineer
* Principal Contracts Engineer
* CPO/Head of C&P
Refer to XXX-CP-PEO-CPO-000 C&P Department Organisational Design Guidelines for more information on each of these roles and other generic job titles within each of these bandings.

4 Note: achievement of a particular level of skill does not in itself justify progression to a higher role. 



Click the link below to check out Jody Rowe going through the the C&P Department Skills Matrix document. The video gives a first hand look at what the document looks like and includes.

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