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C&P Department Organisational Design Guidelines

C&P Department Organisational Design Guidelines

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The Contracts and Procurement (C&P) Department Organisational Design Guideline is an 11 page document, with instructions on tailoring the document, a document revision record and a document ownership and status page. The document then goes into the main body, with 4 headings and 11 subheadings. The main headings include an overview, roles and responsibilities, structure and resourcing. The document also includes a table that defines roles within the C&P organisation.   

This Contracts and Procurement (C&P) Department Organisational Design Guideline (the Guideline) provides guidance to consider when creating or reviewing the design of a C&P department. 

The Guideline considers options based on your Company size, classified as small, medium and large, with high level description as follows:

Company size (to be used as a guide only with examples. Company to apply to the extent these are relevant to your company size):

·       Small:

1-49 employees

agriculture, charities, retail, education,

·       Medium:

50-249 employees

engineering and construction (non-tier 1), energy sector suppliers

·       Large:

250+ employees

energy sector operators, engineering and construction tier 1, Local Govt.


Your organisation needs to review the options contained within this Guideline relating to Company size and select the guidance most suitable to your particular Company. 

This Guideline is intended to provide guidance to the [CPO/Head of C&P] and their direct reports.  It may also be accessed by the C&P department members to provide visibility to the elements considered relevant and important in the ongoing review of their department organisational design.   

For more information and recommendations on implementing the Guideline, you can contact Promitheia to arrange a one-on-one virtual meeting.

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