Strengthening TFI’s supply chain

Strengthening TFI’s supply chain

Thomas Foods International (TFI) has a mission to feed families globally. TFI grows, produces and supplies high quality food products that families all over the world will love.


 To achieve this, TFI partners with a valued network of suppliers across Australia and internationally.


 Promitheia Procurement is pleased to work with TFI, creating a standardize approach to procurement via our sourcing templates.


 These templates provide a step-by-step guide through all stages of the contracting strategy and process.


 TFI CEO Darren Thomas says this about his experience with us:


 “Promitheia Procurement, together with Rowe Advisory, are assisting TFI to review our procurement strategy. They are taking us on a journey to better understand our supply chain, create internal efficiencies and provide all of the documentation, templates and tools we need to manage and strengthen our supplier relationships.


 “The team has applied a considered and strategic approach to TFI’s procurement process, creating additional value for our business via a stronger and healthier supply chain.”


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