Why create this platform?

Why create this platform?

Why create this platform? Any large organisation will tell you the Contracts & Procurement function is there to help businesses manage risk and to ensure money is spent appropriately.

Promitheia Procurement (PP) is a positive solution that provides that level of support. PP was created to provide value to an organisation’s contestable spend. It encourages deliberate strategic thinking and helps place controls, such as delegation of authority, to ensure your organisation is managing risks correctly.

As Procurement professionals our findings show:

* Every organisation has contestable spend, yet they single source a high %
* Every organisation has risks to manage, yet they sign agreeing to unacceptable terms and conditions
* Many organisations have a high % of maverick activity with unapproved spend against an appropriate level of authority
* Good procurement will deliver 5% - 10% to the bottom line

In considering these factors and others, we designed our approach to procurement in an accessible, flexible and cost effective way.

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