What’s the most important asset of any organisation?

What’s the most important asset of any organisation?

Q. What’s the most important asset of any organisation?

A. It’s people… and that’s why it’s vital to invest in them!

Our latest set of templates are all about developing the people in an organisation’s Contracts & Procurement Department. The following templates are being released on our website next week:

* Development Plan – provides C&P employees with clear direction on how to increase their skill set and progress their careers. Motivated employees who feel empowered ultimately improve business performance through their commitment and increase productivity.

* Graduate Development Plan – helps graduates learn, develop and improve their C&P skills, and sets up their career for success.

* Organisational Design Guideline – provides guidance when creating or reviewing the design of a C&P Department, based on size of company, sector, etc.

* Organisational Chart Samples – to be used alongside the above Guideline.

* Skills Matrix – outlines the skills specific to a C&P Department, together with comprehensive skill definitions and levels, and the requirements for each skill level based on four main role grades.

* Training Needs – sets out training topics to consider when contemplating development plans for a C&P Department.

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