Welcome to Promitheia Procurement!

Welcome to Promitheia Procurement!

Welcome to Promitheia Procurement!

*Online procurement solutions designed to meet your unique business requirements*

Our online procurement website provides your business with the opportunity to purchase & download templates and work with our online professionals to design your business' procurement function.

Our advanced approach allows you to immediately download, customise & store templates securely. This, combined with our online advisory solution, is affordable compared with other options and offers greater manageability of your contracts & procurement needs.

What we do:
* Assist companies manage risk & spend
* Provide a fit for purpose solution
* Deliver access to best in class documents
* Provide a professional experienced procurement team

How it works:
* Individual templates – pay & download
* Packaged templates – pay & download packages for small, medium & large businesses

* Hourly sessions – procurement professionals available for 1, 2 & 3 hour sessions
* Subscriptions – a procurement professional will be in touch to discuss your needs and help you select the appropriate subscription and ideal consultant

Find out more https://lnkd.in/dH_T5WU

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