Reflecting and evaluating on last year

Reflecting and evaluating on last year

The last year has been somewhat of a catalyst for people to reflect and evaluate as the global pandemic forced us to press pause. It’s changed the way we work, the way we learn and the way we interact.

People have re-evaluated their lives, and made decisions that perhaps before they had put on hold. People have taken decisions to improve their work-life balance - changing careers, starting new ventures and thinking about the future.

Our CEO, Jody Rowe, has reflected on her life and career:

I was told I was nothing
I was told I couldn’t run my own business
I was told I was fat and ugly
I was told people hated me
I was told I was too aggressive
I was told I was stupid
I was a drinker

But I know I am something

I run three businesses
I am assertive
I am smart
I am honest
I am me inside and out
I am lucky to have good family and friends
I am 15 years alcohol free

Resilience and strength come from within.

Being different, standing out, taking a seat at the table, challenging conventional wisdom isn’t always easy but it’s been my path to success - don’t be intimidated.

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