Our Top 10 procurement observations

Our Top 10 procurement observations

Promitheia Procurement has been designed and developed to provide greater access, flexibility and agility for all sized businesses in the area of procurement.

We believe the meaning and value created from using our #onlineresourcesand #advisoryservices will help you:

1. Improve spend performance and lower costs
2. Standardise workflow
3. Improve data accuracy
4. Improve internal integration
5. Improve operational performance
6. Sharpen your strategic deliberate thinking
7. Simplify processes
8. Manage contractual risk
9. Improve Performance Management
10. Strengthen governance and internal control

Our CEO and owner, Jody Rowe, and her team of highly experienced consultants have a proven track record in both the public and private sectors including the #oil, #gas, #mining and #infrastructure industries.

Our online #procurement website provides you with the opportunity to purchase procurement templates and work with our professionals to design your business functions to meet your unique requirements.

Find out more https://lnkd.in/dH_T5WU

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