New Templates

New Templates


New templates are being released on the Promitheia Procurement website next week

* Contract & Procurement (C&P) Framework sets out the overall operating model of the C&P department. The key elements are grouped under People, Process, Systems & Tools, Governance.

* C&P Department Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Definitions define how the department's performance is measured and managed. Each #KPI measures C&P performance across Strategy, Delivery, Value, Transactional Efficiency, Risk & Performance Management, HSE Systems, #Governance, #ContinuousImprovement.

* C&P Department Dashboard sets out the recommended approach to reporting on C&P Department performance, as captured within the #KPIs.

* Performance Tool Spreadsheet provides a high-level summary of the C&P Department's performance across a number of key areas.

* C&P Risk Management Guideline provides guidance on identifying and #managingrisks associated with #contracting.

* C&P Risk Map sets out the recommended approach to identifying and managing risks associated with the C&P Department.

In the last week of February we're having a ‘people week’ focused on skills matrix, development plans and organisational design.
Please contact Jody Rowe to book a session.
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