Medium package option

Medium package option


Medium package option

Our packaged templates are designed to suit small, medium and large organisations. This approach provides you with the necessary templates to start building the internal capability for your Contract & Procurement function and importantly manage risk and spend.

Our medium package option includes the following 21 templates and is ideal for small-medium sized enterprises:

* Contracts & Procurement Procedure
* Process Maps - High Value, Operational, Low Value
* C&P Authorities & RACI Matrix
* Conflict of Interest Declaration
* Meeting Minutes Template
* P-Card Procedure
* Award Recommendation Form
* Correspondence to Successful Tenderer(s)
* Correspondence to Unsuccessful Tenderer(s)
* Contracting Strategy Form
* Instructions to Tenderer
* Invitation to Tenderer Letter
* Pre-qualification Questionnaire
* Tender Evaluation Plan & Report
* Tender Confidentiality Agreement
* Tender Clarification Form
* Procurement Policy
* C&P Essentials
* Request for Quotation
* Vendor Registration Form
* Expression of Interest


The great news with Promitheia is that documents will be added into the library and any additional documents will be at a 15% discount!


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