Local Content

Local Content

Local content relates to the proximity of goods, services and human resources that an organisation in any given location requires and acquires. Having a local content policy and procedure helps businesses use domestically and regionally supplied, or manufactured, goods and services. 

Our Local Content Policy template provides guidelines for outlining your organisation’s commitment to identifying and engaging local businesses in the regions where you operate. 

Our Local Content Procedure provides six steps to developing and implementing a comprehensive Local Content Procedure. It details who you need to engage with within your organisation, how to determine key external #stakeholders and interfaces, and importantly how to #benchmark and measure the goals set.

It’s important for businesses to have, and fully support, a Local Content Policy and Procedure. There’s been a substantial increase in these policies being imposed by governments in recent years, and large and small organisations in both the public and private sectors are adopting #localcontent #policies

As with all our documents, these templates are easily tailored to your business and include document revision records.


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