FREE! Guideline on ‘How to Draft a Scope of Work

FREE! Guideline on ‘How to Draft a Scope of Work

The NUMBER 1 challenge in the #Contracts and #Procurement function is being involved in the planning stage, and understanding and articulating the business needs. A clear defined scope will ultimately determine the success of a #tender – it’s a business imperative. Our FREE ‘Guideline on How to Draft a Scope of Work’ sets out the fundamental steps to follow, in a clear and concise way, for drafting #scopesofwork for your organisation.

The 6-page document includes instructions on how to tailor the document by adding or removing any sections as you see appropriate and how to complete the sections relevant to your business. The Guideline also includes a document revision record; a document ownership and status page; and covers 15 key headings.

It's essential that Guidelines like this are readily available to the people in your business who are accountable for writing scopes of work to procure goods and/or services. For more info and recommendations on implementing the Guideline, you can contact us to arrange a one-to-one virtual meeting via our website
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