Celebrate #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay 2020

Celebrate #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay 2020

To celebrate #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay 2020, Promitheia Procurement and Rowe Advisory owner and CEO, Jody Rowe has been reflecting on both her businesses ~ Rowe Advisory as it heads towards its 7th Anniversary and new start-up Promitheia Procurement which launched this September.

“Launching Rowe Advisory at one of the toughest times in the resource sector’s recent history and following it up by launching Promitheia Procurement during a global pandemic has been both daunting and exhilarating,” Jody explained. “I’m passionate about #diversity, the future of the gig economy and the active inclusion of women in all industries. Setting up Promitheia Procurement and Rowe Advisory has allowed me to champion women working in traditionally male dominated environments. I would encourage other women thinking about starting their own business to actively pursue their ideas and dreams.”

Following more than 30 years as a commercial and #contracts and #procurement specialist for multinationals such as BG Group-QGC, Santos and Rio Tinto, Jody made the decision to pursue her dream of starting her own consultancy business, and Rowe Advisory was born.

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