About Us

Promitheia Procurement provides greater access, flexibility and agility for all sized businesses in the area of procurement including governance, policy setting, sourcing, category strategy, contracts and procurement procedure, tendering, prequalification to contract management and claims. 
Promitheia Procurement is a comprehensive online procurement website that provides your business with the opportunity to purchase procurement templates and work with our online professionals to design your businesses procurement function to meet your unique requirements.
The advanced online template approach allows you to immediately download, customise and store the documents securely. This, combined with our online advisory solution, is affordable compared with other options and offers greater manageability of your contracts and procurement needs working with procurement professionals. 

Promitheia Procurement Provides:
  • access to specialized documents,

  • advisory services that can save you time and money, 

  • assistance in managing risk and spend by offering easy-to-use services that can be accessed from anywhere.

Promitheia Procurement is always working on the next stages, focused on your future needs and aspirations. We will expand our product and service offerings by releasing additional documents and updates including contract management, supplier management, KPIs, ‘How to’ manuals and supply chain management, plus much more.